Sustainable and stylish: second-hand shops in Basel

Conscious consumerism is all the rage and a throwaway mentality is so uncool. Giving away or selling used items and thereby promoting sustainability on our planet is exactly what the second-hand principle is all about. As Switzerland's city of art and culture, Basel has for decades been way ahead of the field when it comes to second-hand shops and flea markets. From fashion and accessories to decorative items and records, these iconic shops stock everything that makes the heart of bargain hunters beat faster. We reveal which second-hand shops in Basel are particularly worth a visit.


Second-hand clothing in Basel, from elegant to retro

Clothes make people – and Basel has just the right second-hand garments to make this happen. If you want to buy your latest favourite clothes with a clear conscience, you're sure to find what you're looking for in the following shops:

Fizzen, Pfluggässlein 1

Since the 1990s, "Fizzen" has been one of the classic second-hand shops in Basel, and is a must for any shopping trip in this city on the Rhine. Although the shop now stocks new garments as well, second-hand fashion still makes up the bulk of its diverse range.


freshUp, Gerbergässlein 3

freshUp focuses on design and culture from the 1950s through to the 1980s. This stylishly laid-out shop lives up to its name and brings a breath of fresh air to the second-hand market in Basel. Whether they're looking for gaudy jewellery or a retro tracksuit top, all second-hand fans will find what they’re looking for here.

Incidentally, the shop is near what is probably Basel's most famous graffiti, a huge mural opposite the "L'Unique" rock bar that depicts world-famous musicians.

Bonnie & Kleid, Spalenvorstadt 3

The "Bonnie & Kleid" second-hand shop in Basel offers the ultimate in vintage and retro. As well as pre-loved clothes, bags and shoes, you can find retro furniture, lamps and hand-made jewellery in this lovingly run shop.


Caritas, Lindenberg 18 and 20

Caritas is one of the most popular places to go for second-hand items in Basel. Inveterate fans of sustainable clothing regularly pop in on their quest for hidden treasures and bargains at unbeatable prices. And best of all, the income from the sale of this clothing all goes towards the numerous aid projects run by the Caritas Foundation, which champions people affected by poverty not just in Basel and in Switzerland but also internationally, and offers them support.

Designer shops: luxury can be sustainable too

Would you like to upgrade your wardrobe with a premium garment? If so, drop into the Basel designer second-hand shop at Missionsstrasse 15. Established over thirty years ago, "Designer Second Hand Basel by Franziska Schäfer" sells used designer-label clothing from Prada and Gucci to Fendi. Although these top-notch garments are not quite as cheap as regular second-hand items, you will be able to enjoy these very special clothes for many years thanks to their high quality. A nice extra touch: upon request, owner Franziska Schäfer will provide personal style advice while you shop. Second-hand shopping in Basel doesn't get any more luxurious than this!


Art Shop in Basel: art meets second-hand

In "Art-Johann" at Elsässerstrasse 75, you will also find art alongside a selection of second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories. From pictures and painted furniture to decorative items by Hildegard Moser, you can purchase unique artistic items here.

Here's wishing you lots of fun second-hand shopping in Basel!